The Even More Fun Trip

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Ryan Power is back and he means business.  This second trip to Fiesta Texas is done ride-by-ride “just like last time.”  Thrill to the psychedelic sights and sounds of a Texas theme park as you are slowly worn down by the implacable will of this young man.

Ryan previously appeared in our short Snack and Drink and the ‘unreleased’ Ryan’s Capitol Tour.  He also shows up briefly in Waking Life (as an alien leaving Earth).

Below are a bunch of stills from the film.  At the bottom of the page you can watch an excerpt.

Here’s a list of some places it has screened:

    -- Chicago Humanities Festival 2009

    -- Exploratorium, San Francisco

    -- “9th Viewfinders: International Film Festival for Youth”  Halifax Nova Scotia

    -- LA Film Forum 

    -- Wholphin #7.  -- NYU “Wondercabinet”  2009

    -- Austin Film Festival 2008

    -- premiere 9/11/2007 Alamo Draft House South Lamar


2007, 23 minutes

copyright 2010 Flat Black Films