A Scanner Darkly

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Oh Scanner Darkly, where would we be without you? 

In 2004 we got the chance to make another movie with Richard Linklater.  We set out to make one of the best-looking animated movies ever :)  Unfortunately the studio seemed to want one of the fastest, cheapest movies ever.  I mean REALLY cheap, as in $2 million dollars, and REALLY fast, as in five months.  This to animate an entire feature film starring Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and Robert Downey Jr.

It quickly became apparent that it couldn’t be done on their budget and schedule.  Acrimony ensued, and we left after three months of production.  Warner Brothers threatened a multimillion dollar lawsuit in order to keep using our software without us. 

We were so excited too, because it is based on this excellent book.

Here is a more in-depth interview for more sordid details.

Follow the link to an audition-animation made by Flat Black animator Mike Layne.

Here’s some shots from work we did before we left.


2006, 100 minutes